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Ghost Boy

Ghost Boy may seem like an ordinary, cool, and fun relatable character on the surface - but he's the result of much more than meets the eye.

Ghost Boy stems from Evan's fear of death, and channeling his creative expression into a character, and art, that will last forever! Art is eternal, and what's immortal can never die.

Check out the NFT collection as well.

The first sketches of Ghost Boy were back in 2015, when Evan was in college. After helping one of his best friends, Clon, launch his character (Blue Cat) onto the blockchain as an NFT collection (Cool Cats, which Evan is also a founder of).


Evan realized he must do the same for Ghost Boy - and an NFT collection was born. 

Check out the more in depth thread here.


Evan Luza graduated the graphic design program from Georgia State university in 2016, but had always been doodling and sketching since he was a boy.

The idea of being an illustrator was interesting for a while, but later discovered the excitement in design, branding, marketing, and blockchain technology which ultimately led him to release his Ghost Boy collection.

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The Artist 

NFT Collection

The Ghost Boy NFT collection is comprised of a variety of fun elements and attributed that have had some degree of influence on Evan growing up. Ranging from cartoons, to music, food, and cultural trends.

A portion of the funds raised from the art tokens are being used to grow the Ghost Boy brand and character awareness through socials. Evan is also currently ideating on the Create or Die brand and campaign as well, in an effort to encourage anyone and everyone to create more!

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